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On September 18, famous singer and now BJP MP Babul Supriyo proved that getting at a bigger position can make you dead from inside. So, the minister was attending this event in West Bengal’s Asansol that was focused on the welfare of differently abled people but all of the sudden he threatened to “break a leg” of a man and “hand him a crutch”.
The singer turned politician lost his senses when a man in the audience did not stop moving from one place to other, the man was reportedly a differently abled person. His movement caused distraction and Babul uttered such nonsensical thing that can put humanity to shame. In a viral video, the minister is seen shouting at the man from the stage. He further orders the security personnel to break the man’s leg and hand him a crutch if he “again tried to move away from his place again.”
Supriyo did not stop here, he further spat some more venom and said: “Next time if he (man) moves from there then remove one of his legs, and I will give these people sticks to beat him up.” He then inquired if the man has understood what he said and then asked the audience to cheer for the man.
Now, he has issued a statement where he is seen saying that he was ‘just joking’. He quotes: “As the whole event was a bit unorganised, so I was just joking around to make the environment lighter.”
Well, Mr. Supriyo, if this was a ‘JOKE’, kindly work on your sense of humour because it is pathetic.
Watch The Viral Video Here:
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- Shivam
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