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Introverts are extremely misjudged people because of the lack of awareness amongst people. Simply because generally people are extroverts and many are not used to seeing people who are introverts, thus, they think they it isn’t normal. People who are extroverts, there are various kinds of extroverts, similarly, there are various kinds of introverts too.
To all the introverts, of all kinds, do not feel ashamed of who you are. If someone is trying to fix you, just try to make them understand what kind of person are you or just don’t bother. Never get bothered about what others say because you know why you are the way you are. So don’t change and hopefully these quotes will help you find peace in your mind.
Here are some quotes from famous people to give make you normal about yourself:
1. Yes, we don’t talk much because we are not much motivated to fill the void unnecessarily.
2. Being an introvert is absolutely natural and normal, we love ourselves and our thoughts a lot.
3. Solitude is something from where we collect our energy, yes many of us don’t even like socializing at all.
4. We don’t like to fool ourselves or others for that matter.
5. People will always judge you but if you are going through some issues and you are not finding the peace you want, seek help.
6. Never shy away from saying or dealing with the issues you are going through.
7. Lastly, it is absolutely OKAY to be an introvert and extrovert as long as you are happy.
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Graphics Designer: Vikas Kakkar
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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