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We love our body, I mean I do, our body is a temple but we hardly treat it like one. And that is the reason our body lie to us at the worst moments. Have you ever been into a situation where you imagine something but just the opposite of it happens to you? Like when you shop for clothes online and picture yourself wearing it and looking like a goddamn diva but when it comes and you wear it suddenly a hard reality hits you.

Your body shows you the reality. Artist Weng Chan’s illustrations hilariously describe things you might go through if you buy clothes on an empty stomach. “If you ever cared about losing weight, you must have heard this phrase: Don’t go shopping when you are hungry,” Chen wrote. “But I need to tell you another important thing: don’t buy clothes when you are hungry.”
Weng Chan described some of the dirtiest tricks her body have pulled on her and you might relate to them as I did. “When browsing online, the emptier your stomach is, the more you relate to the models, the problem is that the empty belly you put down your orders with, gets full when you receive them” Weng added.
Here are some of the tricks that Weng’s body has pulled on her. Scroll down to enjoy these illustrations:

How you imagine crop top will look VS how it actually looks:

How you imagine looking in a body suit VS how you actually look:

You never think about the struggles of wearing a jumpsuit while buying it.

Off-shoulder tops are a disaster. I have stopped wearing them.

Over-sized jacket never turns out to be the way we expected.

Wide leg pants make you realise that you are pear-shaped.

How you imagine things will go with slit skirt VS how it goes.

Cut out dresses never look like we imagined them on our beautiful body.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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