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Anushka Sharma is one of the finest Bollywood actresses. She has given us many beautiful movies like NH 10, Pari, Sultan, Sanju, PK and now she is coming with another beautiful film Sui Dhaaga – Made In India. Most of her movies reached the 300 crore club. She is a determined and hardworking actor, she goes into the skin of her character and plays every character with conviction.

She is also one of those persons who are not scared to speak her heart out. She has openly talked about the discrimination that female actresses face in the film industry. Recently she took out some time out of her busy schedule and gave an interview to a leading daily where is revealed many things.

When she was asked if she thinks that she is doing less work or not? She said,
“Do you know how many releases I have this year? Four. Starting with Pariin March, then Sanju in June, Sui Dhaaga and Zero later this December. Last year, I had three. In the last few years, I’ve only been working.”

Talking about the disadvantages of being a straight-forward person, she said,
“Yes, you are misunderstood a lot when you’re straightforward! When people don’t say what they mean, and I say what I mean, the others are looking for another meaning. The order of the world is that no one is having transparent conversations with one another. That really frustrates me. So, I surround myself with people who understand me the way I am.”

She also said that it is important to be true to yourself.
“Yes. I’m not doing anything wrong that I need to hide. I’m comfortable in my skin and I don’t need to project an image of what I’m not. And whatever my issues or shortcomings are, I’m owning them and working on them. I’m not going around hiding or camouflaging them with a big smile on my face. I don’t want to be liked by everyone because it’s extremely strenuous to lead that kind of life. When you understand that the other person is struggling as much as you are in trying to create that image, and you start being yourself, the people around you relax. That is something I’ve discovered and I find it more peaceful. Once someone asked me what makes me take decisions and I said that I do things that make me peaceful. All my decisions are related to that. You have to be true to yourself.”

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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