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We live around so much of noise that some of the times we get a rush to run away to a place which almost has no disturbance or the sounds of silence. So as per the Global Peace Index (GPI), the average peacefulness globally has declined by 0.27%. While 92 countries have deteriorated on the yearly ranking and only 71 countries have improved.
Here Are The Most Peaceful Countries Of The World As Per GPI 2018:
1. Iceland
Iceland is not just visually stunning but the most peaceful place in the world with a population of 348,580. The GPI score of this country is 1.096. The capital and largest city of Iceland is Reykjavík and home to over 2/3rd of the population of the country.
2. New Zealand
This is a sovereign island country which is located in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. The GPI score for New Zealand is 1.192. Currently a population of 4,905,260 residing, it was one of the last lands to be settled by humans.
3. Austria
Austria is officially known as the Republic of Austria is a populated with 8.8 million people. The GPI score of this country is 1.274. The country is surrounded by mountains and beautiful terrains.
4. Portugal
Portugal is situated on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe, the GPI score of this country is 1.318. This is also the oldest state on the Iberian Peninsula and it is landlocked with 10,291,027 people.
5. Denmark
Denmark is official known as the Kingdom of Denmark, the country is populated with 5,781,190. The GPI score of this country is 1.353.
6. Canada
Canada is scoring with 1.372 at Global Peace Index. This is a country with 37,067,011 population.
7. Czech Republic
The country is landlocked with 10.6 million inhabitants and its GPI score is 1.381.
8. Singapore
Officially known as the Republic of Singapore, the country has transitioned from third world to first world in a single generation. The GPI score of Singapore is 1.382 with 5,612,300 population.
9. Japan
Japan's name means "sun origin" and with a GPI scoring of 1.391, this is surely living upto its name. With a huge population of 127 million, the country has world's tenth largest population as well.
10. Ireland
This is a sovereign state in north-western Europe, the capital of this country is Dublin. The score of GPI for this country is 1.393 with 4,857,000 inhabitants.
For your curiosity, India’s GPI ranking is 136 out of 163 countries.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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