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With the year almost passing by, are you feeling saturated with your life? With so much going on in your life, some pleasant pictures will surely make your life more colourful. These pictures will make you see life a little differently. Hope and light is something which these photographers around the world have anchored.
Here are some of the most memorable photos which shows unattainable joy to sorrow and exhilaration and everything in between. Photographers around the world have given us moment in a picture format that is not only a visual treat but also touches upon chord which connects to us directly.
1. Clicked by J. Henry Fair
Photography is not only the visuals you see, look through the symbolism and you will find much more.
2. Clicked by Jason Peterson
The perfect usage of monochrome, shades of life and shades of a human being.
3. Clicked by Prelena Soma Owen
It’s all about perspective.
4. Clicked by Prelena Soma Owen
The Superb fruit-dove was photographed on archival fibre based cotton rag paper.
5. Clicked by Kristina Makeeva
The perfect example for color composition, pattern and contrast all at one picture.
6. Clicked by Melika Dez
Be crazy and never let any judgements get to you but only yours.
7. Clicked by Niaz Uddin
As per the photographer, content and context should always be the priority.
8. Clicked by Sarah Ann Loreth
Sometimes in life, tints of color make our life colourful as well.
9. Clicked by Patty Waymire
The serenity can sometime be overwhelming in both spectrum of emotions.
10. Clicked by Denis Cherim
It's Happening Again...
11. Clicked by Niaz Uddin
Should you be mesmerized by the vision or be thought about the incident that happened!
12. Clicked by Khalid Alsabat
So much emotions and ambience to look at!
13. Clicked by Andy Yeung
Always find beauty in chaos and life will be easier.
14. Clicked by Maria Svarbova
For people who are trying to understand photography, look closely.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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