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Mahesh Bhatt’s two daughters were born in two different time periods. While Pooja Bhatt proved herself when she was launched by her father in Daddy which was back in 1989, Alia Bhatt is rocking the Indian cinema with her exceptional talent. She was introduced to the world of cinema by Karan Johar when he launched her in Student Of The Year.

A few days back on Mahesh Bhatt’s birthday Alia announced that soon he will be coming back with Sadak 2. This time around we will get to see both the sisters together on screen in one film. During a recent conversation with a leading daily, the Bhatt sisters talked about their daddy and his upcoming venture Sadak 2.

Pooja said that her daddy is a mind reader and he can easily pick up what she is thinking. “The other morning, I was uploading a picture of him and his boss Raj Khosla on my social media account. I was thinking of a caption when he messaged me exactly what I was about to type out. I thought to myself, this is getting a bit scary, he is picking up my thoughts now.”

Unlike Pooja, Alia had a very different relationship with her father. She says that her equation with her dad has changed a lot in past few years.
“In these last two years, I’ve witnessed a switch in my relationship with my father. I had never thought that I would ever have this kind of an equation with him. He was always very busy when I was young. Now that I am working, I understand why he was so caught up. But the relationship that I share with him today is solely because of the time, affection and attention that he has given in building and nurturing it.”

Alia said that she is scared for her life and she thinks that while shooting with her dad she might end up being born again.
“When I heard the story, I told him what Sanju had already said, that I cannot do this film if you are not directing it. I was not just in tears, but I was sobbing and shaking at the end of it. He put up the most creative narration that I have heard in my life with the music and the beats. It was so earnest that it broke my heart. Sanju recently told me, ‘Alia you don’t know what you are getting into. You have no idea what it is to be directed by your father’. At the shoot of the picture with the cast, I got a glimpse of it. And to tell you the truth, I am scared for my life because if that’s the kind of emotional journey that we are going to go on for I don’t know how many odd days, I think I may just end up being born again.”

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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