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Amazing Food Art
They look yummylicious as well
Still remember when your parents scolded you when you refused to eat your food ?
Saying that you are wasting their time and the claiming that the food they prepared is very tasty
Well, show them these pictures ! Look at the details in each dishes
You could have ended up a fat ass if only they put up this much effort in food preparation
The pictures show the effort of a mother put in preparing food for her family
Kids nowadays like to eat junk food and it is very difficult to make them eat healthy
Laleh Mohmedi just won the mum of the year award when she put effort in preparing the food in a manner that her son will eat them
How you ask ? Crafting those healthy ingredients into his favourite cartoon characters !
Look at the details in each of the dishes. Any kid would have fallen in love with them
A mother’s love knows no boundaries. As long as her son can eat healthy, she would have plucked the stars from the sky to make dessert
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