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When we dream, we dream about anything and everything we wish right? But when it comes to taking risks, we do not even attempt 5% of what we dreamt of. So, if you are wondering why is it getting difficult for you to get success even after committing so many years!
The simple reason is because, you ain’t taking the risks you need to. You always need to understand that to get ahead in life, you need to take risk. It is not wrong to play safe but that will not take you much far. So here is why taking risks is important for attaining success:
1. Gives Confidence
We don’t take risk because we are too scared of the consequences but when you take a risk, if you get successful, you automatically gain confidence. Even if you lose, you find out that it is not that difficult to take risk or to deal with the consequences. Also, this gives you determination and you get more used to the uncertainties.
2. Opportunities
You lose out on a lot of opportunities when you simply don’t have the guts to take on the opportunity with open arms. Venturing out on an unknown territory or an uncertain territory can help you understand yourself much more and the opportunity can be the biggest game changer of your life. If you are too scared, take calculative risks, that will help a lot.
3. Motivation
Success is not something which comes to people who are just sitting idle at home but one has to work hard and earn that success. So at the times when you are losing interest, taking a risk can motivate you because you will naturally work hard to prove that the risk was worth taking.
4. Learning
When you are successful after taking a risk, you will get motivated and learn what paid off but even when you lose, you learn what didn’t work and you never repeat that again. Every mistake has contribution to your success!
5. Strength to Overcome Fear
Scared people seldom make successful people. Running away from fear will always make hindrance, thus, at the time of you facing your fears, you get the strength and take risks. Taking risks pushes you forward and make better out of the opportunity the next time.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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