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China is a fascinating land of diversity, technology, development, and talent. We all know that China is one of the proficient world leader, the success this country has achieved in technological arena is par excellence but do you know that China is equally good in arts and has produced some of the finest actors who entertained the world with their unmatchable acting chops.
Here is a list of 5 Chinese actors who made the world swoon over them:-

1). Bruce Lee

The most famous star of Chinese industry will always be Bruce Lee, it was because of his killer martial arts moves in Chinese action flicks that the world started taking interest in Chinese cinema. His most notable works include Enter the Dragon, Chinese Connection 2 , Game of Death and Fist of Fury.

2). Chow Yun-Fat

The man who bought a wave of neo-noir gangster films in China and became immensely popular. He gave some applaud worthy performances in films like A Better Tomorrow, The Killer, and Hard Boiled. He is also known for his Oscar award-winning movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
3). Jet Li

The man was initially a martial artist and then he made a smashing debut with Shaolin Temple (1982) and garnered overnight fame. He then went on to star in the path-breaking Once Upon A Time In China series. His first Hollywood project was Romeo Must Die (2000) and then many other action films, including Kiss of the Dragon.
4). Ge You

This man is regarded as the funny man of China. He starred in many comedy films that were made in China. Some of the most prominent films are If You Are the One, A World Without Thieves, Big Shot’s Funeral, Cell Phone and The Trouble Shooters.

5). Jackie Chan

And, the best was saved for the last, the man who made a mark in world with his fine acting and acrobat fighting style. The man was honoured at Academy Awards for his excellent work and has done as many as 150+ films. His most famous films are Drunken Master series, The Armour of God series, Police Story series and Project A series.
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- Shivam
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