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Recently Tanushree Dutta came forward and talked about her claims of harassment on the sets of ‘Horn Ok Pleassss’ in 2008. The actress said she had already talked about this issue a decade ago but then she was threatened and was asked to stay silent.

Tanushree openly came forward and said Nana Patekar, Ganesh Acharya, and workers of Raj Thackeray’s harassed her on the sets of the movie.
“He was very aggressive, and was pushing me around and misbehaving with me on the set. My complaint was not heard.He also demanded to do an intimate step with me even though it was my solo dance. It was total harassment," Tanushree said while talking to a leading daily.
This is not the first time when a big celebrity has been accused of harassing a co-star and this is also not the first time when other Bollywood celebrities have decided to keep a mum on it. Not even one from the whole brigade of stars came forward and talked about this very sad incident. These Bollywood celebs are followed by millions of people around the world and I think it is their responsibility to set an example in situations like this or atleast to address the situation.
During the promotion of Thugs of Hindostan when Amitabh Bachchan was asked about these allegations all he said was,

"My name is not Tanushree and my name is not Nana Patekar."
Aamir Khan, on the other hand, said, "I don't think I can comment on it. But whenever something like this does happens it is really a sad thing. Now whether such thing has happened or not, it is for people to investigate,"

In 2008 when Tanushree raised this issue, Nana Patekar denied the claims and this time when it has again come into light the actor was hard to find even after several attempts.

Is it okay to be silent about such a big issue? Is it okay for Bollywood to remain silent every time one of their own is being questioned? And to all the trollers who are harassing the actress, I think it is time we grow some brain in our head and stop harassing the victim. It takes a lot of courage to come forward to talk and point out at the person who did wrong to us, so if we have become so blind under the light of stardom of our favourite actor that we can’t even ask him to come forward and talk about the allegations at least we can stop harassing the person who has already been harassed.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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