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The much-anticipated trailer of ‘Thugs Of Hindostan’ was released yesterday but people were disappointed as it just did not meet the hype that was created around the film.
From the very first shot, that made us see the extremely poor VFX to a clichéd character arc and uninspiring set design, the trailer failed to excite the cine-lovers.
People were expecting a lot since it was an Aamir Khan film, who is known to make content-driven films but even his character in the film looks like a stale version of ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’.

Even many scenes are directly copied from ‘Pirates Of Carrebian’, ‘Assasins Creed’, ‘Wonder Woman’ and others. Some people also claimed that the background score was similar to that of POC.
Although, the trailer could not really make a mark but it was successful in providing us with some meme material and a new string of memes has started on the internet.

This scene involves Aamir Khan getting into a fight with Amitabh Bachchan. Aamir Khan utters a line that goes like: "Dhoka swabhav hai mera” to which Bachchan replies: "aur bharosa mera."

Twitteratis instantly became creative and made this scene a meme. See some of the best memes that circulated on internet via this template :-


2). Because, Fuck You, Surge Pricing

3). Done With Life, LOL!

4). Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki

5). Topical Humour At Its Best

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- Shivam
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