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Art is loved by one and all, it pleases the soul and lets us see life with a different perspective and people who make this possible, the magnificent artists deserve all love and praise but do you know that there is ground rule when you try to break the ice with an artist, NEVER-EVER-EVER ask them to do the work for free.
Just like any profession, art takes a lot of time and patience, thus anyone who becomes an artist got nothing but his/her art to sustain in this world that runs on money.
And, it has happened many times, that people would ask painters to paint their picture for free or they will go to a guitarist and ask him to showcase his art just because they want to get entertained. Guys, this is plain wrong. You don’t go to a doctor and say that ‘Treat me for free’, do you?

In the same way someone’s talent should always be rewarded.

Jon Arton, an artist from Birmingham who enjoys a good following on Instagram, thanks to his mind-blowing sketches/paintings took it to another level to teach people that artist doesn’t work for free.

Jon was asked how he feels when people ask for a free favour, he responds: “It can be a bit irritating, I take it as a compliment and most people are a bit unaware of how much time can go into a piece of art. I thought a silly doodle may get this point across and hopefully make people laugh.”

So, let’s see how he trolled the ‘free-bees’ :-

1). OUCH!


3). Do NOT MESS!

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- Shivam
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