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Abhishek Bachchan has cast a spell on the ladies once again with Anurag Kashyap’s Manmarziyaan. No matter how much people troll him over the social media platforms or how much the ignorant ones disrespect him the truth is that right now he is on the top of the popularity charts.

Media houses are giving him bouquets for his wonderful performances and a good set of audience is appalling the star for his wonderful portrayal of a strong, liberal-minded man in Manmarziyaan.

Recently Abhishek gave an interview to a leading media agency and charmed us all once again with his intelligence and just with his words.
Talking about the reviews that Manmarziyaan got, Abhishek said,
“In all honesty and humility, I was in shock. I’m not used to this kind of response. I do believe that my films and performances in the past have garnered polarised opinions. It’s important that an actor evokes an emotion; love my work or hate my work. For me, the way I look at it, both reactions help me learn and improve. Indifference is something actors can’t handle; it destroys them. This is the first film for which I got a unanimously good response. So, I’m still processing it. It feels wonderful, but more than that, it’s reassuring that I tried to do something and people got it.”

Talking about working with Anurag Kashyap and about the future plans of working with him again, Junior Bachchan said,
“I’d like to work with Anurag again and again. I told him, ‘Just say when and I’ll be there, for sure’. Now, my challenge for him is that I’m not giving him an option. In our next film, there will definitely be round trolleys and aalaap in the background. I’ve challenged him and told him I would make him do this.”
The actor revealed that Anurag got him out of his comfort zone,
“That’s what he did in Manmarziyaan. Even I stepped out of my comfort zone. We thrive on that challenge. Now, I think he will push himself even more. I hope I’m around when he decides to do so.”

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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