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Have you ever noticed how happy and contended your grandparents look together? It’s because they are not running after show off or materialistic happiness, all they look for is love and happiness. They get this happiness by being with each other’s side.
You all must have heard that in olden days people did not throw away something that was old but kept it, which is a contrast to the situation these days.
One thing that our grandparents can teach us for sure is how to be happy with what we have and how we are. They are the ideals from whom we can seek the best relationship advice. You do not need someone other than who are living with their beloveds for 50 years now.
We look at our grandparents and wonder how their relationship has survived so many decades with such ups and downs. Here’s what we really need to learn from them.
1. Forgiveness
The biggest thing that we need to learn from them is the art of forgiving. You should know what’s more important, the person or the mistake?
2. Patience
Patience is something that can prevent many fights and arguments. You must have noticed how we have become more short tempered which leads to the increased arguments and fights. There will be times in the relationship when you’ll feel like you want to rip your hair out. But, that’s when you need to keep it together and have patience.
3. Fights Don’t Mean It’s The End
Who doesn’t fight? Every couple does but that’s not the end! Fights take place when you have different opinions on something and that’s when you get to know each other and about each other, right? Every fight makes your bond stronger. Take lessons from your grandparents, how they used to happily talk every time they had a fight.
4. Little Gestures Are Romantic
Random hugs and kisses, surprises, flowers and cooking each other’s favourite meals would make their day. The idea of romance had been different in the olden days than now. While we consider the PDA to be the gesture of affection these days, which is okay when you are away from someone you love but when you are together, do some random things to get the other person surprised.
5. Limiting The Technology
Technology has taken over our lives in the present time. You cannot imagine your life without technology. On one hand, technology plays an important role in our lives while on the other it is posing as a bad thing for relations. It reduces the quality time spend with our people. This generation needs a little more to look in were each other’s eyes rather than Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
So, if you want to look up to someone for relationship advice, that should be your own grandparents.
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