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Actress Tanushree Dutta, whose recent claims of sexual harassment against veteran actor Nana Patekar has shaken the country is in no mood to slow it down now. She has been dissing people who are still supporting Nana Patekar while Nana is yet to comment on this matter.

Tanushree had claimed that she was sexually harassed by Nana on the sets of film ‘Horn Ok Please’, Nana insisted that Tanushree should have an intimate scene with Nana, when Tanushree denied, Nana called MNS goons who thrashed Tanushree’s car and assaulted her. Her claims are now looking true as a video of the gone by incident has took the internet by storm.

The video shows a petrified Tanushree sitting in the car while her car is being thrashed from left-right-centre by the MNS goons, one person goes on to deflate the tyres as well. Tanushree and her family are eventually escorted out to safety by the Mumbai police.

The video looks like a pictorial representation of Tanushree’s words and this cemented the fact that whatever Tanushree had said was infact very true.

Nana Patekar, on the other hand, is planning to take a legal action against Tanushree, he is also going to arrange a press conference where he will be confronting the actress for her claims.

This feud between the two actors is soaring high; some people are supporting Tanushree and praising her for her bravery while some like Rakhi Sawant are condemning this act of her.

Watch The Video Here:
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- Shivam
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