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Vicky Kaushal, son of action director Sham Kaushal, dipped toes in Indian film industry when he assisted Anurag Kashyap in the crime drama Gangs of Wasseypur. He went on to play two small roles in Kashyap's productions and landed his first leading role in Masaan. His performance won him accolades and made viewers sit up and take notice of him.

Vicky Kaushal, who is on the peak of his career right now with his films being critically acclaimed and commercially viable. He is the son of renowned action director Sham Kaushal and made his screen debut with the path-breaking ‘Masan’ in 2015.

His portrayal of lower caste boy Deepak touched many hearts and he instantly became a sensation. But do you know, the struggle to become what he is now has never been easy. It was a tough road for Vicky but he never gave up.

Vicky was pursuing engineering and was destined to be one but suddenly, on his interview day, he found his calling in acting and decided to become an actor instead. He ditched the 9-5 job that would have given him a handsome salary, he chose a road that made him stand in queues for hours to get in notice of casting director.

He shared his inspiring story with Humans Of Bombay and this is just the perfect thing we needed to get motivated for our Monday Blues.He said, “During college, I decided to interview for an IT job just for the thrill of it. I wanted to experience the ‘nervousness’–wearing a tie & showing your resumé. I already knew that I wasn’t going into that profession, even when I got a job offer. My dad’s an action director & despite his hope that ‘Kaushal parivar ka chirag’ will get a 9-5 job with stability— I announced that I wanted to be an actor. But, I didn’t know struggle like my father had.”

He added that when his father and mother got married, they used to live in a house where there was just a ‘Chatai and a Chair’, his father used to struggle a lot to get them food. He says: “It wasn’t easy - he had to hunt for our next meal. So he made sure to let us know where each piece of furniture came from. That’s why when I told him I wanted to act - he said be sure. Acting as a profession couldn’t be a ‘?’ for me. I needed to put 120% & not have a back up waiting. So I tore up that offer letter from the job & set out for auditions.”

He also shares that his father got very emotional when someone called him ‘Vicky ke Papa’, he says it was the best day of his life and he knew that he has retained the title of ‘Kaushal parivaar ka chirag’.
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- Shivam
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