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The powerhouse of Bollywood – Ranveer Singh is that one of those actors who put his heart, soul and all his energy into every work that he is part of. Every time he makes a public appearance, he is seen in some never seen avatar. He is unapologetic and unabashed about his appearances. He speaks his mind out and wears his heart out.
He has been roasted many times for his sense of fashion but the actor has no fucks to give to those who talk bad about him. He continues working with hard working and does as he pleases to do. He has made his mark with many of his roles and he has a big fan following around the world. Soon he is going to get married to the love of his life Deepika Padukone and honestly we can’t wait to see these two lovebirds get married.
Ranveer Singh is also one of those actors with whom we can relate. You don’t agree to me on this? Here are some Ranveer Singh gifs that are just perfect for everyday life. Scroll down have a good laugh and find out one more reason to love this guy.

When your anti-dandruff shampoo shows its magic and you feel like showing off your dandruff free hair.

When you come back from your dentist and love your shiny perfect teeth.

When you drink for the first time because your friends have been forcing you to do so.

When you find out that your parents are not at home and the party is on.

Going back home from the office on Friday.

When you need to pamper your older sibling so they won't rat your secrets to your parents.

When you scare your younger sibling and they start screaming so you need to tell them that it was a joke.

How you think girls see you.

But this how they really see you.

How you see yourself after a month's hard work in the gym.

Your excitement level when you start living by yourself on your conditions without your parents bossing around.

When you are alone with your girlfriend after a long time.

When you try to convince your parents for something and they pick up some shady topic from the past.
Ranveer is a rockstar and there is no one else who has got the swag like him.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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