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In the current fast-paced world, snacking has become an integral part of the daily diet. But most snacks consumed today skew toward prepackaged and processed foods. Only adding calories in your stomach is not wise at all, infact, we should be more aware of the nutrition present in the food. Very little of the snacks these days provide healthy yet tasty alternatives thus, you should be aware!
Lay Down The Rules Of Healthy Snacking:
Right ingredients for right snacks – The first rule on choosing the right snack is to know that they are made from the right ingredients. Ensuring that the nutrients needed for your diet is essential. Best ingredients for snacks includes Kaala Channa, nuts like almond, cashews and seeds, olive oil and whole grains.
Opt for baked more often - It is always wise to prefer baked over fried! For healthy and wholesome snacks and to lower fat consumption is to switch from deep fried snacks to baked snacks. This way, you will ensure both the calories and fat consumption down are taken at a lower level.
Trace nutrients in each food – The easiest way to get multiple vitamins and minerals is to snack on nuts and seeds. They deliver high levels of essential fatty acids (EFA's), wholesome fibre and much needed good quality protein. The best options are almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds and sesame seeds.
Snacks made in olive oil - Olive oil ensures Omega 3 and it is useful to correct the good vs bad fat imbalance in your diet. Olive oil keep digestion, constipation and cravings on check.
Stay away from misleading marketing – While deciding any snacks, don’t get mislead by marketing and be conscious, do more research on the product and the food ingredients.
Snack mindfully, not mindlessly!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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