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From ages, Disney has given us a plethora of characetrs that we still cherish and undoubtedly, these characters will live on forever, be it the adorable Micky-Mini pair or the absorbed in Love, Aladin-Jasmine duo; every character had some specification and all of them made a place in our hearts.
But, time demands change, don’t you think? Of course, you do, so a Chilean illustrator named Fernanda Suarez took it on herself to add a ‘timely’ twist to the memorable Disney characters.
The artist reimagined Disney characters as everyday people from 2018. The artist says that she had to unleash all her imagination so that she doesn’t miss even the minor detail, she wanted to give these characters a new look without compromising on the vibe that they come with.
She thought extensively on the clothes and accessories and came up with a series that is amusing and breathtaking. I mean the thought of imagining these fictional characters as everyday people was itself a surreal thought, going ahead and achieving it is definitely a job done well.
The illustrator chose the colours very carefully so that she doesn’t mess up with the aura or essence that these characters have. And, she didn’t just choose characters who are heroes, she went ahead to choose characters who got a villainous shade in Disney films/works.
Now, without further a-do, let us go ahead and scroll through her great work:-

1). Jasmine

2). Tinkerbell

3). Scar

4). Cruella

5). Alice

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- Shivam
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