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Kangana Ranaut recently released the teaser of her forthcoming movie Manikarnika – The Queen Of Jhansi and the teaser for sure made me an even bigger fan of the actress who literally has no fucks to give. She faced so many challenges in making this movie but she didn’t give up. Kangana knows how to turn every stone and make gold out of it.

The teaser has already garnered 11 million views in just 24 hours. Kangana is all set to impress the audience with her period drama which is set to release on 26 January next year. These days she is busy reshooting some scenes and is busy finishing the patchwork. The actress recently had a conversation with a leading daily and shared the challenges she faced while shooting this movie.

The teaser is full of action sequences and has no dialogues other than the voice of Amitabh Bachchan introducing us to the fierce Queen. Kangana talking about the teaser said,
“It was important to establish the genre and the film’s scale as this biopic can be made as a human story since her tale is extraordinary or as a biopic in Hollywood style like Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi. We decided to make it as an action film and have communicated that through our teaser. It’s not the promo as we have not yet released any dialogues, scenes or storyline.”

There have been many rumours related to the movie, some even suggested that the movie will not be released on the date it was announced to release but Kangana is putting in all the hard work and working round the clock to deliver it on the promised time.
“We were racing against time. It was my decision to release the teaser on October 2. Everyone raised their eyebrows and were like, ‘Isn’t it too early?’ But I was sure we would make it on time. Then the post-production work on the teaser including the VFX was happening and simultaneously we were shooting in Karjat.” She asserts, “I didn’t want it to be unfinished. Amit Chandra from Trigger Happy, who has cut the teaser, has done a terrific job.”

She also said, “This is a film with one of the biggest budgets coming up next year. Nobody was interested in investing this kind of money in a female-centric flick.”

It’s in line with the kind of unconventional choices that I make -
“They (the industry folks) can make so many frivolous movies with budgets of ₹100 crore. But when it comes to making great stories and especially women-centric biopics, the trend hasn’t caught up yet. We really have to give it to my studio (Zee Studios) who has been a norm breaker. It’s in line with the kind of unconventional choices that I make. Kudos to them for funding this kind of a film.”

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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