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Have you ever been in a situation where you fell for someone at the first sight? But, couldn’t go ahead to break the ice because obviously there are many rules and regulations when it comes to flirting in a ‘Human Era’.

Sometimes, I think that animals are leading a way better life, their flirting tactics are just so simple and easy, and the best thing they always work; wait!

What if we human flirt like animals, how the world would be? Surreal thought, right?

Well, this thought hit artist Ben Hed very hard on the head and he decided to create some quirky illustrations where he shows how this world would look like if humans flirt like animals and the results are outrageously hilarious.

Ben says: “I’ve been doing Pet Foolery on Instagram for about 8 months now, but I’ve been drawing goofy little comics for as long as I can remember. My comic ideas seem to gravitate towards animals, I live in a house with 3 dogs, 2 cats, 15 chickens, and 5 goats… so that might have something to do with it. Everybody likes funny comics and everybody likes animals. My scribbles are a combination of both!”

Well, thanks Ben for creating this quirky comic strip, we are definitely having a ball of a time watching your work, Oh, you too want to gawk at his work, Ok then scroll down:-

1). All I Will Need Is Some Good Dance Lessons

2). You Just Have To Worry About A ‘LONG’ neck, *sigh*

3). Pebble Searching Begins Now

4). And The Award For The Easiest Way Of Flirting Goes To

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- Shivam
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