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Dogs make our life beautiful and all the dog owners would agree to this. I am a proud mother of two beautiful dogs myself and they have made my beautiful from the moment they entered my life. They communicate in their own way like my big black boy stands in front of me and keeps on staring me if he needs food and stars running around if he needs to go down for a walk. My beautiful girl calls me by keeping her hand on mine when she needs something and its quite magical how they understand what I say and how with time I have started understanding what they are trying to say.

I keep wondering what they would say in everyday life situation if they could talk. Since I love music so I thought of coming up with some songs they would sing in normal situations we go through every day with each other. Like when I give them food or when I meet another dog and they don’t like it. It’s funny how they are jealous when they see me pampering some other dog.

When you come home after a long day at work

When you leave him at home alone:

When you have a party at home and you can’t give him the attention he deserves:

When you take him out for a walk and play:

When he sees you meeting some other dog:

When they see you sneaking out for work and they don't want you to leave them:

When you let him sleep with you:

When you give him some extra food:

When you tell him that he is a good boy

P.S. These are real pictures of my dogs. Show them some love. Picture courtesy: Tara and Scoob (my dogs because they were gracious enough on some particular days and I could take their pictures)Graphics: Vikas Kakkar
Dog lover will for sure relate to this and if you have any suggestions to add up to this list please share it with me in the comments below.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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