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Are you the real life angry bird and it is just getting worse with time? Dealing with anger can be tough because at the moment, you just lose all control.
Anger is not only bad for your mental health but it can tumble down someone else’s mental status too. Also, if you don’t even try controlling your anger, it will just get worse and it can be extremely dangerous for you and others. So, here are some simple tricks to help calm down you anger and always try your best to think before you act:
1. Take Three Deep Breaths
The most effective and instant way to let your anger cool down is to take three deep breaths before letting the anger escalate anymore.
2. Let It Out Through Action And Not Violence
In case you are angry with society or a specific person, find out why you are angry and then take action against it. Working to right a wrong is positive and it will empower you.
3. Understand Your Anger
The more you understand yourself, the more you will start getting calmer. Be a detective of your life and track down the incidents that happened and the situations, people, and events that triggered your anger. This will give you a broad perspective and in the meanwhile, your anger will calm down too.
4. Move On To Another Topic
Try hard and harder not to lose your temper distract your mind with the next topic. Ask yourself what is what triggered or is bothering you and how can you change things.
5. Go For A Walk
This is a very effective way in many ways, it takes you away from the source and it also works as a calming activity like yoga.
Create your way of mental or physical escape from the situation and you will find peace.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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